Square Dance History Project
The rich story of North American square dance finally has a home in the digital age.

3rd National Square Dance Convention 1954

The 3rd National Square Dance Convention in 1954 was held April 8–10 in Dallas. Through the generosity of Dean Clamons we have a collection of very high quality tape recordings of the calling at that event. The tapes were in a set that belonged to his father, Eric Clamons, who at that time was a caller in Minnesota. The complete set is now part of the collection of the Library of Traditional Music and Dance at the University of New Hampshire.

The tapes let us hear several of the callers who were most involved at that time and went on to take an active part in the development of modern square dancing. These are of particular interest historically not only because of the callers but also because they provide insight into what was being called at that time and how it sounded in the delivery of these callers.

Also included in this small exhibit is the program from the Convention plus a listing from the program book of some of the callers registered for the event.


Jerry Helt - Texas Whirlwind

Bob Osgood - Chain Three Ladies

Ed Gilmore - My Little Girl

Harper Smith - Hand Turn Hash with Allemande Breaks

“Doc” Alumbaugh - Dip and Dive and Right Lady High, Left Lady Low

Bill Shymkus - Goal Post