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An Evening with Lloyd Shaw

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An Evening with Lloyd Shaw



Richard Marold was director of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center at the time of this presentation. He developed this one man show in which he appears as Dr. Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw, speaking directly to the audience about his life and times. The 50 minute presentation includes information about Shaw's early life and formative experiences, traces his career as an educator, and of course describes Shaw's role in popularizing American square dance. It also provides a glimpse of Colorado life in the early twentieth century and, in particular, life in the area around Colorado Springs.

Note: The audio disappeared from the last few minutes of the VHS tape that recorded this presentation, so that footage, in which "Shaw" reads from one of his books, has been edited out in this upload. Recorded March 11, 1998, at the Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School, Colorado Springs, CO.

Not surprisingly, this SDHP site contains scores of references to Lloyd Shaw. This exhibit provides a starting point.


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March 11, 1998


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